Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion with Rachel-Winter Styles

Hey everyone!  So a lot of people have been asking me, "how do you stay fashionable AND warm in New York City. I feel like that's IMPOSSIBLE!"  It's definitely not impossible. I'm going to show you a winter look that is cute, casual, and most importantly, SUPER CUTE AND CASUAL. You could wear this to work, but then totally dress it up for going out. 
Ok so, sorry for the poor photo quality.  I'm using an iphone 3.  DOUBLE GROSS.  But as you can see, a good winter look is all about layering.  Pictured above:
Jacket: Eddie Bauer, 2010 winter collection
Shoes: Clogs
Pants: Lululemon (someone left them at my apartment! LOL!), the cinched ankles lock in heat and help to show off your cute clogs. Try wearing heels for a taller look. 
Hat: Urban Outfitters (2010 summer sale!)
In the above picture:
Zip-Up: Gap (I know, right?!?!)
Socks: Wool (a Channukah present from my mom!)
T-Shirt: U.S. Open official T, vintage (layering a vintage item can dress up any outfit. I wear this t-shirt all the time.  I accidentally spilled paint on it so people ALWAYS ask me if I'm an artist.  LOL DUH! Sportz are so ON TREND)
I think it's also important to note that I used Curls, by Marc Anthony on my bangs. I let them curl naturally, then straightened them, then curled them with a curling iron, then flattened them by tying small weights to the bottom.  SO BLAKE LIVELY.
Ok. I think you all get it.  Winter fashion is about LAYERING, WARMTH and CUTENESS.

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